Fading Sofia Tour

CATEGORY: Free Sofia Tour

The Fading Sofia tour is inspired from a project with the same name in our city called Fading Sofia.

Fading sofia Tour | 365 Association

The walk is concentrated on the rapid urban development of Sofia after the Liberation in the old downtown. We will envelope the architecture of the end of 19th & the 20th century.

The tour will take you to the north part of the downtown and show you our fading architectural gems. In about 2-2,5 hours you will learn the story behind the houses and their owners.

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Kids Tour

CATEGORY: Free Sofia Tour

The Kids tour of Sofia was developed by a teacher and an artist, who turned our city tour into a walk suitable for children.

Our Kids tour will explain the history of Sofia and Bulgaria to the children in a language they will understand, through fun stiories, games and drawings.

The tour is developed for chlidren 8-12 years old and every little participant gets a map, special book and small gifts.

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Tabacco Town Tour

CATEGORY: Free Plovdiv Tour

The tabacco town in Plovdiv is an old industrial part of the city, which nowadays is in the heart of Plovdiv.

It is example of the phenomena “small city within the city of Plovdiv”.

The main purpose of the tour is to show you the spirit of this part of the city, the changes it has gone through, the exceptional architectural contrast it has nowadays with the rest of the surrondings.  

We will show you how despite the influence of the past years the old buildings still keep the charm and spirit of the former “Tobacco Town”.

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Free Varna Tour

CATEGORY: Projects

  • On demand
  • around 2 hours

The free English language walking tour of Varna “the sea capital of Bulgaria” – Free Varna Tour, organized by a non-profit organization -365 Association.

Our guides will show you the most beautiful places in the town. You will feel like walking with a friend. The sightseeing tour of Varna is one of the best attractions in the city. We have special thanks and approval by the municipality of Varna. We are a part of the 365 Association and used more than 2 years of shared experience to show and entertain you in the best possible way.

Whether you are here on vacation or business you will be always welcome. Every tour is both fun and educational, the perfect introduction to the city and its history.

Closed for season 2016!