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July in Sofia

Hello, lovely people!

Summertime is here already and we decided to help you with some ideas about things you can do around Sofia this month. Most of those are open-air events, that’s how we love it here!

Natura Fest, Zaimov park

As the name of the fest is Natura you can easily guess what it is about – natural food. Farmers from all around Bulgaria will gather and bring their production. There will be also workshops dedicated to once upon a time crafts and plays for the kids. And of course music. It’s all about the music here.

7.07.-09.07 Sofia: A to JaZZ festival @ South Park 2

One of the nicest open air events for high quality music in Sofia. A to Jazz happens for 6th year now and for three days you will have the chance to hear lots of nice musicians and to enjoy Sofia’s spirit the way we do it – with a nice drink and surrounded by gardens and smiley people. Check the location here.

“Direction” by Ivan Milev , Exhibition @ Sofia City gallery

One of the very best modern Bulgarian painters with exhibition in the City Art Gallery. You really should see how he is mixing  impressionist  style with the magic of Bulgarian tales and folklore.  If you don’t believe us that he’s the real master.. take a look at the banknote of 5 leva – Bulgarians  put his portrait on it in order honour him ;)

The City Sensory Journeys

These  journeys are for those of you who like to explore and experiment, and those of you looking for the poetry and the soul of the world around you. Check here how it works, it’s kind a magic ;)

  • 08.07, Sofia: WATER WARS, NDK garden

Summertime in Sofia is hotter than you would expect and we found a way to escape from the heat! Grab a water weapon and join the fight with us, it’s the best way to deal with sweaty troubles ;)

WRONG FEST @Maimunarnika

If you’re one of those people who can party all night long – that’s the event for you. Balkan electronic music in combination with drum/n/bass rhythms will make you dance for more than an hour or two ;)

Stefan Valdobrev Live in Maimunarnika

Time for music! One of the great contemporary Bulgarian bands is going to play in the park! The actor Stefan Valdobrev and his band are always doing a great show, warm up with that and don’t miss them!

Last but not least! You can always go to the cinema! In Bulgaria we don’t dub the films so you can choose one with English audio and have fun in the chilly hall while it’s 30+ degrees outside :) Check the program for the cinemas here.

Have fun,

Free Sofia Tour Crew loves you!

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