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Great news for Free Sofia Tour!

Great news for the early birds! From the 1st of May Free Sofia Tour will have one more starting hour – 10:00 am, every single day! Spring is here. And since we’ve already taken our Martenitsas off but wanted to keep celebrating, we decided to add a new daily Free Sofia Tour starting hour! For those of you who are highly …

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Bulgarian Bravery

You are already in Sofia, walking around the place, exploring it either with us or on your own. You have seen more than one souvenir shop and you already have the basics for your friends and family back home – rose oil, magnets, Bulgarian sweets, etc. How about you go one step further and check …

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When you’re in Sofia and it’s -20°C

Welcome! You just landed here and surprisingly (or not so much)… it’s freezing. Since you decided to visit Sofia in January obviously you’re already a courageous person. So let’s think adventurous. What is there to do in our city when it’s so cold outside? Let’s assume you’ve done our Free Sofia Tour already – after …

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The story of Sofia’s yellow cobblestones

– Where are you from? – From Bulgaria. – From Budapest? – … No, from Sofia. * * * Have you ever had a similar conversation while traveling abroad? I have – countless times. To the uninitiated, Bulgaria and Hungary can get confused sometimes. But apart from that, is there some other connection between their capital cities – …

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