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When you’re in Sofia and it’s -20°C


You just landed here and surprisingly (or not so much)… it’s freezing. Since you decided to visit Sofia in January obviously you’re already a courageous person. So let’s think adventurous.

What is there to do in our city when it’s so cold outside?

Let’s assume you’ve done our Free Sofia Tour already – after 2 hours of walking in the snow you probably feel immortal. In that case 3 more hours with us on the Culture tour or the Communist tour won’t be a challenge for you.

And how about ice skating? 

The effort you are going to put into staying on your feet while skating won’t be bigger than the one you make while walking in the streets, but it will surely be more fun. The biggest ice rink on the Balkans is located right in the center of Sofia, so why not give it a try? “Ariana Lake” is the name of your destination.

Ariana ring

Another  winter  stop – Vitosha mountain.

Less than an hour from the center of the city and easily reachable by cable car. You can rent ski and snowboard equipment and enjoy some nice slopes, or at least the view from the highest peak near  Sofia – Cherni vrah.


Is all that too extreme for you? Too “outside”? Too “not your thing”?

If you are fan of art you can always visit some “traditional” sights – The National Art Gallery, The Sofia City Art Gallery, Vivacom art hall, National Gallery – Square 500 etc. Exhibitions vary in size and theme, but this January we really suggest the portrait photography in the Sofia city art gallery. For great classical concerts check the program of Concert Complex Bulgaria.

You want something more interactive? There are more than 60 escape rooms in Sofia. Why not get lost in one of them and try to prove how good you are at solving riddles? We already did that in the Dextrophobia rooms and we’re proud to say we managed to get out in time.    

Cinema lover? You may be surprised but in Bulgaria we don’t dub movies in cinemas, so if you decide to go and see some new titles you will enjoy their original sound and speech. Most cinemas located in the big shopping malls show new commercial films and in the independent Cinemas like “Odeon” and “Dom na kinoto you can watch some European and Indipendent American movies.

In need of new clothes, shoes and jewellry?

Malls are everywhere, we have more malls than we have time and money to spend on, so enjoy them all. It’s warm inside, at least.  :D


Paradise Center, the biggest shopping mall in Bulgaria. Photo source: 

Last but not least, don’t miss Sofia’s nightlife. Sofia is full of nice, warm and cozy places where you can eat, have a drink and eventually dance or listen to some live music. Wondering which bar to try? Why not trust local guides and join the New Sofia Pub Crawl?

Whatever you choose, enjoy your time in Sofia! Even when the weather is cold, Bulgarians are warm enough to make you feel at home :))

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