Stefan was born in a 19th century house in downtown Sofia, spent most of his childhood in the ghetto, while still studying at the central part, so he has seen both sides of the city. He started learning English when he was four and ended up working as a freelance translator for several years. Apart from English, he has also studied French, Spanish and German and insists he will become fluent in at least two of these as well. In his spare time Stefan likes meeting old friends and new people, writing, traveling, the seaside, the mountains, skiing, swimming and football, but above all he loves history and sharing his thoughts, so he enjoys doing the tours as much as the tourists, if not more so. He is also one of the guides doing the Communist Tour, the main reasons for that being he is crazy about history, in case you’ve forgotten, and the fact he was also already born before that period ended, so he does have some vague memories of it and likes to explore it more.