Our Association has organized couple of photo exhibits in Sofia, the first one was in 2012 and the second in 2013.

The first was called Car(e)free Sofia Exhibition and it took place at the Lovers Bridge. The exhibition was organized 365 Association with the support of Sofia Municipality, Stara Sofia website, Lost Bulgaria website, Sofia Development Association and Sofia Insider’s Guide in connection with the anniversary of declaring Sofia as a capital on 3rd of April 1879. The photos and postcards showed the capital before it got buried under numerous outdoor parking areas, cars on the sidewalks and the green areas as well as traffic jams. More than 30 familiar places were shown (Shishman Str., Rakovski Str., Battenberg Square, among others) in such a different way that it was hard to recognize them. The photos were from different periods in the history of the city. The exhibition also showed how the same places look nowadays.

The second exhibit was “The guests of Sofia”, it took place from 15 to 30 September in the new art space in Garden “Kristal”.

The photo exhibition “The Guests of Sofia” was meant to answer the questions that pop in the locals heads when they see the Sofia guests. Who these people are, what their story is, why they are in Sofia, what they think about us, what they like here? We wanted to make us – the locals look at Sofia through the eyes of its guests. The photos aimed to help us realize that maybe we underestimate what Sofia gives us and perhaps we should have more faith in the critical opinion of our foreign guests who come here to appreciate every single detail.