NIKI is a deep thinker and observer. His eyes – wide angle lenses – trying always to capture every single detail, even what’s behind the curtain or invisible. If you wish to hear some more stories about how it felt like living on the East Side of the Iron Curtain, you may also catch him as your tour guide at the “365: Communist Tour”. Nevertheless, don’t consider him to be the most serious guy, as he is fond of goofing and joking around all the time. Appreciates the people with great sense of humour. Considers himself proud inhabitant of the lands of the Rhodope Mountains, however Sofia has been his home for the past several years and he’s got some nifty advices in order to make your time here even better. A music addict – hip-hop, chill-out, jazz playing on his stereo. Extremely passionate basketball player, if you dare to challenge him… you’ll be stuck playing against him ’till he finally gets more points to win the ball game.