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Free Plovdiv Tour is getting ready for the summer!

As the summer is approaching we, the Free Plovdiv Tour team, have some great news to share with you.

Twice as much of Free Plovdiv Tour!

From the beginning of May all through September you’re going to see twice as much of Free Plovdiv Tour as you have lately.

That’s right! For third year in a row during the summer months Free Plovdiv Tour will be taking place twice a day and the tour guides from our team are going to wait for you in front of the Municipality building of Plovdiv (the City Hall) both at 11 AM and once again at 6 PM.

So whether you are staying in Plovdiv for the night or leaving during the day, now you’ll have a better opportunity to join one of our tours and get a guided introduction to the city.

But the good news do not finish here!

Our second project in Plovdiv, the Kapana Tour, is growing as well!

We are extremely proud to announce that the project we launched in the beginning of April 2016, the Kapana Tour, a tour of the artistic neighbourhood Kapana (the Trap), is now expanding!

The project has been really successful and its popularity gradually grows so we decided to add a second day in which the tour will be taking place during the summer – now you will have the chance to join us for a walk around the Kapana district both on Friday at 6 PM and on Sunday at 11 AM from May until the end of September!

Apart from that and in order for you to find us more easily and not get lost inside Kapana (the Trap) we have also changed the starting point of the Kapana Тour and now it starts at the Roman Stadium square on Plovdiv’s main street (next to the stone model of the Roman Stadium).

Do not forget that the tour is free and no reservation is required – you just have to show up!

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