“Only by truly understanding the world, you can improve it.”

Each project in the Association strives towards this vision.

With projects such as Free Sofia Tour and Free Plovdiv Tour we meet people from all around the world and introduce them to our history and culture, revealing the intriguing stories behind two of our biggest cities – Sofia and Plovdiv. That way thousands of people a year get to know our country better, thus understanding our past and present. In such manner, we are  moved to constantly deliver the big picture to our guests, which is in our view the necessary step towards having a positive attitude towards the worlds as a whole.

Another aspect of our work, leading to our vision is the fact that our tours are often visited by people from all over the world. They not only witness Bulgarian culture, traditions, past and present, but also get the unique chance to share these experiences with visitors from other countries. Guests of the tours meet each other and begin to understand other peoples’ point of view, alongside with other peoples’ cultures.

With projects like Tours for Children, Tours for Refugees, Social Awareness Program, etc. we aim to introduce different groups of people – students, children deprived of parental care, children from minority groups and poor families, and refugees – with the big city, with interesting stories, our past and culture . We believe that in such a way we help them to understand their surroundings, the country they live in, the opportunities they have here. Many of the children deprived of parental care we work with have not visited Sofia, or Plovdiv before. Now they have knowledge about them and Bulgaria as a whole,  so they begin to understand the environment they live in, to seek further knowledge and to think what they want to achieve, but also how they could contribute for the better of Bulgaria.

We believe that we contribute to make the world a better place by getting to know and understand it. And on the way towards our vision we are united by our values:

  • Quality – everything we do in the Association is of such high quality, that it is given as an example in the society and that it leaves smiles on the faces of our guests.
  • Responsibility – we work responsibly and give the best, we are capable of.
  • Trust – we have clear intentions, thoughts and actions, we believe in ourselves, the team and the change for the better.
  • Perseverance and intelligence leads to progress – we work to create valuable products that lead to positive change in the environment and the society.
  • Satisfaction – we believe that our work and the achieved results should make us feel satisfaction and happiness.