The 365 Association was founded in 2010 as an organization aimed at developing projects in the areas of tourism, culture and education. Its first line of action was the development and launch of the Free Sofia Tour. The first one ever was led by the organization’s founder on Friday, August 13, 2010, which we consider our birth date. From that day onwards the Free Sofia Tour has been taking place every single day, regardless of weather conditions and number of participants, and has been widely acclaimed.

Since then the 365 Association has gone on to develop numerous other projects in the country’s two biggest cities, Sofia and Plovdiv. In 2011 the young organization launched its Social Program. For the first few years of its existence it focused on working with foster homes for children deprived of parental care, organizing different events and workshops aimed at socializing and showing the outside world to the kids. Since 2017 the focus has shifted to working with high school students through the means of informal education.

On Friday, July 13, 2012, the 365 Association launched the Free Plovdiv Tour, thus making Friday the 13th a lucky day for our organization, contrary to the popular superstition. Today, apart from the free tour, the city of Plovdiv hosts two other projects of ours: the Plovdiv Arts & Crafts District Tour, showing the unique Kapana neighborhood, and the Plovdiv Graffiti Tour, focusing on the city’s street art and its traditions.

In Sofia, apart from the general walking tour, the Association has developed numerous other themed tours, such as the Communist Tour, focusing on the country’s 45-year-long socialist regime during the Cold War, the Culture Tour, showcasing key aspects of what constitutes to be Bulgarian, the Sofia Alternative Tour, letting people explore the less ‘touristy’ parts of the capital, and the Sofia Jewish Tour, concentrating on the turbulent millennia-long history of the country’s Jewish community, culminating, as you might expect, in World War II. In 2019, in cooperation with a young Bulgarian architect, we opened The Red Flat, a time-machine-apartment showing Bulgarian everyday life in the 1980’s. In December of the same year #LOVESOFIA, a theatrical play co-authored by two young Bulgarian authors, a writer and a playwright, and produced by the 365 Association, premiered successfully on stage at the National Palace of Culture.

At present the extended team of the organization, working on its different projects, numbers 50+ people, all with their own specific expertise, experience and drive, but united by the common goals and values of the 365 Associaiton.